New & best of both


The new Ilex crenata Luxus® combines the best attributes of a Buxus and a Holly (Ilex). It has glossy dark green foliage, and the plant is hardy (to -20°C) producing lovely clusters of white flowers in spring. Consequently, the Forever Green® Luxus® is very bee-friendly. It is also very robust and resistant to disease. This makes the plant ideal for any form: from topiary ball to hedging.

The Forever Green® Luxus® is available in a variety of shapes, pot sizes and with added value. Hedging, globose and pyramidal forms are all available. Pot sizes in the range of 10.5 cm to 10 litre pots. Added value is tailor-made in accordance with the wishes of the customer and their consumer.

The advantages of Forever Green® Luxus®

  • New product with storytelling

  • Appeals to a broad target group: easy & evergreen

  • Excellent shelf presentation and suitable for carrying in stock year-round

  • Wide range of forms and sizes

  • During flowering period (April/May) clusters of white flowers